First Citrus Bank

The First Citrus Security story positions the bank as ahead of the curve in terms of security posture and leading the way in passwordless authentication.

Use Case:
Passwordless Customer Authentication

100,000+ Customers

Key Impacts

  • Eliminated Centralized Passwords
  • Increased Mobile User Adoption
  • Stopped Credential Reuse Attacks
  • Achieved PSD2 Compliant Strong Customer Authentication
  • Reduced Cost of Password Resets
  • Enhanced Customer Service Experience
  • Improved Customer Support Productivity
  • After looking at countless authentication products, we decided that the best way to address our cybersecurity issues was HYPR’s passwordless MFA solution.

    Joe Kynion
    Joe Kynion
    VP Information & Technology, First Citrus Bank

The Cost of Complex Passwords

First Citrus Bank had a directive to eliminate the use of passwords across their workforce. The initiative was prompted by rising costs and help desk volume caused by a move to complex passwords. As a result, the company prioritized finding a solution to completely remove passwords shared secrets from the workforce login experience.

Seeing the increase in user friction and password rests, IT and Infosec leadership wanted to deploy True Passwordless Authentication and ensure that employees could use their phones to log into workstations. The bank required that employees would be able to login to workstations systems with a single Mobile app without the need for a password. With access to sensitive financial information it was imperative that employees be able to login securely without additional friction.

A Passwordless Workforce is a Productive Workforce
HYPR was able to solve First Citrus’s requirements with a true passwordless™ solution that provides a secure mobile-initiated experience.

To ensure rapid deployment, HYPR provided non-intrusive integration and leveraged First Citrus Bank’s existing Active Directory and identity infrastructure. Getting deployed for the workforce was simple. Within an hour session the IT team was able to have workstations authenticating with HYPR.

The impact on the employee experience and the company’s security posture was immediately visible. Today, employees across the bank are able to use a white-labeled mobile application to access their workstations and corporate resources without ever having to type in a password. With the elimination of passwords employee satisfaction has also improved significantly – as the frustration of frequent password changes and resets no longer exists.

There were multiple MFA products that were tested prior to HYPR which had a much more difficult user experience for the end users – and most of them still required the use of a password. Deploying HYPR has allowed employees to more easily access resources and reduced friction while preserving and increasing security. As a result of deploying HYPR, IT costs have been reduced as password resets are no longer necessary.

An Accelerated Digital Transformation
By eliminating passwords and shared secrets that account for more than 80% of breaches, First Citrus made a significant leap forward in security posture. Phishing attacks that focus on credential harvesting and credential stuffing are no longer effective since the employee no longer has a password to be stolen. As a result the IT and Security teams can focus their efforts on moving the company forward and accelerating digital transformation.

The bank is now well positioned as a leader at the forefront of passwordless authentication.