Approve Customers with In-App Biometrics

Businesses need to use strong methods of user verification before they approve a transaction. But what happens to the user experience when a business puts strong customer authentication methods into place? With HYPR-Secure multi-factor authentication, you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

HYPR enables secure and easy in-app authentication, empowering the user to validate more transactions seamlessly and securely.

Increase Transaction Velocity

No one likes entering a password during checkout. How about an SMS? Or a 20 minute phone call? These legacy methods are being left behind by HYPR’s out-of-band authentication.

Eliminate Fraud and Friction

Millions of users are enjoying secure and frictionless biometric banking experiences powered by HYPR.

Reduce Customer Service Costs

Forget about help desks. Approve customers with any type of biometric authentication – including fingerprint, voice, face, eye, or palm recognition.

Empower the Enterprise

Yes, the enterprise. Our suite enables service providers to set levels of assurance, which allows customers to choose their preferred methods of verification. Managed authentication ensures that a business doesn’t have to worry about the infrastructure, support, or training issues that a home-brew system would require.

Anytime a sensitive transaction occurs, additional layers of security are presented and the process is made seamless for the customer. No more annoying help-desk calls, no more password resets.

Mobile Voice Authentication