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We’re Obsessed with Security

Andy Grove said it best – “Only the Paranoid Survive.” This couldn’t be more true than in the cyber arena, and it is our obsession with security and attention to detail that brought our team together.

02Our mission

Laser Focused on Eliminating Passwords

It’s important to stay aligned on a core vision and it takes a team of remarkable people to see it through. We won’t stop until passwords have been eliminated. It’s that unified focus that keeps us together. 

Why I Joined HYPR

By Wajih Ahmed, Head of Global Customer Solutions

03Our culture

Every Day is Monday

We remind ourselves that every day is the beginning of new challenges, new opportunities, and new experiences. Because when you love what you do, the day of the week doesn’t matter.


Elevate Your Career

Working in the cyber industry is not just an opportunity, it’s a calling. With constant demand and growth potential, working at HYPR is the best way to begin – or continue – your cyber security journey.


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There’s a cyber war going on right now, and we need your help.





HYPR is expanding the team across the globe with offices in North America and EMEA.

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Get to know HYPR and follow our story as we deliver decentralized authentication to millions of users across the globe.