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HYPR is a team of scrappy, determined problem–solvers with tons of heart. Where many are pessimistic about cyber security, we remain optimistic. That’s because we don’t see passwords as a problem – but an opportunity to improve the digital world. This drives our mission to create a passwordless world.

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Everyday is Monday

It’s been our mantra since day 1. We remind ourselves that every day is the beginning of new challenges, new opportunities, and new experiences. Because when you love what you do, the day of the week doesn’t matter.

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Grit underscores the hard work and determination that fuels our everyday. It takes courage to face the new and unknown. We see hurdles as opportunities for growth.


Awe is the sense of wonder. It inspires us to think bigger, and strive for excellence. We’re driven to bring our ideas and technology to life to help people solve difficult problems.


Trust is a necessary foundation in cyber security and its progress. We build trust within our teams, and with our customers to foster collaboration and an open exchange for ideas.

Be Original

Our values aren’t just about how we approach our products and services. It’s about how we work together and inspire each other including our customers. Awe, joy and speed are the core principles we maintain as a launchpad to achieve what was believed to be impossible.

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Play Hard. Work Harder.

Security is serious. There’s no question about it.

Security is also the coolest thing in the world.

That’s why we embrace our playful nature. Give us a cardboard box and a handful of crayons and we’ll craft a cyberpunk adventure in space. It’s been said that if you want to achieve a different result, you have to try different approaches. When it comes to problem solving we don’t limit ourselves to the known or what’s been done before. We let our playfulness and imagination kick in because it fuels creativity – even in the most serious situations.

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Working in the cyber industry is not just an opportunity, it’s a calling. With constant demand and growth potential, working at HYPR is the best way to begin – or continue – your cyber security journey.