HYPR provides enterprises a comprehensive biometric software suite with built-in support for over 2 billion biometric devices. Our software is integrated into employee and customer-facing applications to deliver secure password-less authentication experiences across all mobile, desktop and IoT systems.

HYPR Biometrics Platform

Biometrics 101

The HYPR biometrics platform was built from the ground up around the concept of decentralized security. This is critical for a secure digital experience and ensures that users’ biometric data remains stored on devices – while enterprises maintain end-to-end control.

Security and Architecture

There are over 2 billion biometric devices in the world today – and HYPR supports all of them. With our Biometrics as a Service model, enterprises are empowered with continuous support for the latest and greatest authenticators. This means companies no longer have to spend millions on development of next-gen security. HYPR eliminates the expenses of hardware acquisition, software installation & maintenance, and support.

Biometric User Experience

The Digital Experience

Our goal was to combine bleeding-edge security with a seamless biometric user experience. Until HYPR, the challenge had been to replace passwords without introducing friction for the legitimate user. Not all biometric software is created equal. HYPR gets end users up to speed immediately and ensures a consistent, top-level experience across all security levels.