Bitcoin Biometrics & Blockchain Security

Blockchain technologies are revolutionizing our world, but along with the adoption of digital assets come new usability challenges and a need for interoperable security protocols. The HYPR biometric security platform provides enterprises deploying blockchain-based applications a fully interoperable suite for protecting digital assets. Through a partnership with BitGo, HYPR is combining the convenience of biometric authentication with the security of an enterprise-ready multi-signature platform.

A HYPR-Secure Blockchain With BitGo

A Closer Look At Multi-Signature Security

BitGo Multi-Signature technology eliminates the following security risks for digital assets: Malware, Hacks, Insider Theft, Fractional Reserve/Insolvency, Government Seizure, Data loss and frozen by service risk.

  • Enterprises retain full custody of funds – BitGo cannot access your digital assets.
  • BitGo has industry leading policy and treasury management controls, real time audit-able transaction records, and other built-in enterprise features.
  • BitGo Software supports more than $1 Billion USD of digital assets per month on public blockchains.
  • Using BitGo, enterprises can customize different policy models to mirror bank-grade risk management processes.

Biometric Bitcoin Blockhain Security

From biometric bitcoin wallets to smart contracts and other blockchain-centric challenges – now enterprises can leverage HYPR and BitGo to achieve the platinum standard in digital asset security. To learn more about how biometric blockchain security can protect your digital assets, Evaluate HYPR today.

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