Next-Gen Digital Banking Experiences

Have you recently used Touch ID or facial recognition in a banking app? Chances are you’re already HYPR_Secured.

Whether online or in person, banks are always looking for ways to quickly and accurately confirm customers’ identities. Biometrics eliminate a lot of wasted customer time with call center representatives and provide a more accurate and secure means for employees to log transactions.

The world’s largest banks trust HYPR biometric authentication to secure customers, retailers, partners and wholesale clients.

Biometric Banking Experience

Eliminate Fraud and Password Breaches

Banks lose billions of dollars a year to password breaches, account takeover and fraud. HYPR empowers decentralized biometric authentication to replace passwords for a secure digital banking experience.

Frictionless Mobile, Web & ATM Experiences

From password-less ATMs to biometric payments and multi-factor wire transfers – HYPR is revolutionizing secure digital banking experiences for millions of users worldwide.

Secure Omni-Channel Authentication

The world’s largest banks trust HYPR omni-channel authentication for a secure and consistent experience across retail, wholesale, commercial, and many more channels.

HYPR is Powering Biometric Money

With millions of users across the Fortune 500, HYPR is the global leader in biometric security. We’re powering the transition from pins and passwords to voice, face, eye, palm and fingerprint recognition.

Your users are already carrying biometric devices. We make it easy for you to support them. Integrate HYPR into your applications today and unlock the power of decentralized password-less authentication.