Workplace Identity Security Trends and Challenges to Watch in 2024



New Research on the Identity Security Landscape

The Workplace Identity Security Trends and Challenges report investigates the identity security landscape and challenges facing organizations today. The report is based on independent research from interviews with IT security leaders across the United States with deep knowledge and/or responsibility for IAM security.


of organizations name identity verification as a top identity challenge


of employees’ identities are monitored on a daily basis for risk or indications of compromise


of organizations have been the victim of identity fraud in the last 12 months


average cost of identity fraud per organization over the last 12 months


The research finds that many struggle to build an integrated and comprehensive identity security strategy, relying on disconnected tools and practices that create inefficiencies and leave organizations seriously vulnerable to attacks and breaches.

What Is Comprehensive Identity Assurance?

The HYPR Identity Assurance Platform combines modern passkey-based authentication with adaptive risk mitigation, automated identity verification and a simple, intuitive user experience. HYPR Identity Assurance provides the strongest end-to-end identity security, allowing organizations to detect, prevent, and eliminate identity-related risks at every point in the identity lifecycle, from onboarding to goodbye.

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