Transcending Passwords: The Next Generation of Authentication



Authentication Practices Impact Security, Productivity and Retention

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) conducted a survey of 312 cybersecurity IT leaders and end users to examine the challenges, perceptions and outcomes in the usage of password and passwordless authentication technologies.


admit to violating corporate password policies


reported breaches, including compromised credentials and successful phishing attacks


see high-friction authentication processes as a reason to change employers

The study revealed that organizations that employ FIDO-based passwordless authentication technologies are least likely to be victims of phishing attacks, cut authentication times by 75%, and measurably reduced their IT service desk burdens


Our independent and objective research findings confirm that we have reached an inflection point in authentication solutions driven by broad recognition that reliance on traditional passwords is no longer sustainable.

Steve Brasen, report author and Research Director

Enterprise Management Associates

Webinar: Report Key Findings

Join the Transcending Passwords report author Steve Brasen  to learn key insights from the data, industry implications and how to apply the results to your own security strategies.