Passwordless Logging and SIEM Tool Support

Enterprises need actionable insight to reduce risk, accelerate adoption and deliver world-class support. That’s why HYPR supports enterprise-grade log management and SIEM tools to give you the visibility you need to drive a successful and true passwordless initiative.

In this demo we show how admins and helpdesk teams can use HYPR with Splunk for monitoring and troubleshooting.

Real-time Analytics

On the left is a breakdown of user activity. On the right is a recent overview of authentication and registration success and failures. Below are the finer details on the events, as well as admin activity. This data helps you monitor trends and risks, leverage analytics, and utilize alerting in a centralized location. 

In this example, a user contacts their helpdesk because they’re unable to login with their smartphone . As an admin, you can identify the issue by filtering for failed authentications, username, or TraceID for even more granularity. 

HYPR Passwordless Splunk Integration

TraceID & Audit Logs

A TraceID correlates all events tied to an authentication attempt. This enables you to see the complete event record for that login. Errors are highlighted along with it’s resolution. If you need further details, you can click on the Error Code link for relevant support documentation. Here we discover the user attempted to authenticate with the wrong fingerprint too many times, so they just need to try again.

For smaller organizations without a third party tool, a simplified search of events can be done out of the box using the Audit Trail capability within the HYPR Control Center. Here you’ll see the same TraceID, error code, and details on how to troubleshoot.

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Passwordless Logging Trace ID