Azure AD Passwordless MFA

Microsoft Azure AD enterprise identity service provides single sign-on to simplify access for users. Your workforce and customers can now gain a modern passwordless experience across cloud apps integrated with Microsoft approved HYPR enterprise passkeys for Azure Active Directory.

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A Seamless User Experience


Stop MFA fatigue and the hassle of multiple logins to multiple apps. Simplify and unify login across all apps with a single, easy user experience.


Scales to all Users and Applications


Secure and empower your users across Microsoft Azure and beyond to all applications by using the only software based Microsoft approved and FIDO certified end-to-end solution with HYPR enterprise passkeys.

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Drive App Adoption


Support a distributed workforce, and connect millions of users with scalability, availability and security.

  • Ann Johnson
    “Password elimination is core to our vision for a secure Azure ecosystem. HYPR has proven to scale as a leader in Passwordless security, and an enabler of our shared vision for a world without passwords.”
    Ann Johnson
    Corporate Vice President Cybersecurity Solutions, Microsoft
  • Susan Bohn
    We are excited to be working with HYPR to provide a modern approach to passwordless that delivers high levels of assurance with a simple and frictionless experience."
    Susan Bohn
    Vice President of Product Management, Microsoft

Extend Your Investment in Azure AD

Through our close integration, HYPR’s native plugins enable True Passwordless™ Security for Azure AD environments that is approved by Microsoft. This includes single sign-on (SSO), desktop MFA, and mobile-to-web authentication for apps including Office 365.

HYPR’s Enterprise Passkeys for Azure AD Integration provides:

Fast integration with Azure AD through SAML, OpenID Connect, and OAuth support.

Interoperability with FIDO U2F security keys such as Yubikey, and built-in platform authenticators such as Windows Hello.

Cross-cloud, cross-platform passwordless login to Windows, MacOS, Linux, and VDI workstations.

Full protection against man-in-the-middle (MitM), credential stuffing, phishing, and mobile push fatigue attacks.


Deliver True Passwordless™ MFA Across Your Organization

HYPR and Microsoft have joined forces to eliminate passwords and usher in a faster path to passwordless adoption.

HYPR's True Passwordless™ MFA unlocks the full potential of your Azure environment. And with the powerful Desktop MFA Client, you can combine Windows Hello and YubiKey with HYPR to experience a fully passwordless ecosystem.

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Integration Guides

Dive into our documentation on integrating HYPR with Azure AD today.

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