Passwordless Authentication

Industry leaders and product teams are always looking for ways to improve user experience. Just as adding features will impact performance, the addition of security will impact usability. Historically speaking, the more layers of security are added to a product – the less convenient the product becomes. This trade-off in usability VS security has remained constant throughout the digital age – until now.

Passwordless Authentication

Redefine The Secure User Experience

With the rise of biometric tokenization, for the first time in history we are seeing that usability and security can be enhanced in tandem. End-users are embracing biometrics as means to authenticate without a password, while enterprises are warming up to the concept of decentralized security. Get access to our SDKs and learn more about how to eliminate the password with HYPR.

Eliminate Passwords With HYPR

As data breaches reach record highs, enterprises are finally beginning to phase out the username and password as a sole authentication system. Biometric sensors are now mainstream with the introduction of technology like Apple Pay, having instilled a newfound trust in password-less security among end-users. A step-up authentication experience is quickly becoming the gold standard in consumer security – and HYPR is the “glue” that makes this paradigm shift seamless for the enterprise.

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