Decentralized Security Has Arrived

Industry leaders and product teams are always looking for ways to improve user experience. Just as adding features will impact performance, the addition of security will impact usability. Historically speaking, the more layers of security are added to a product – the less convenient the product becomes. This trade-off in usability VS security has remained constant throughout the digital age – until now.

HYPRS decentralized biometric authentication solution is deployed across millions of users today to eliminate the reliance on passwords across mobile, web and IoT experiences.

FIDO-Certified Security

The HYPR solution enables FIDO-Certified password-less security right out of the box.

Decentralized and IoT-Ready

From cars to locks and homes – HYPR enables password-less experiences all devices by leveraging an advanced decentralized IoT Authentication engine.

Future-Proof Interoperability

By leveraging open standards such as FIDO authentication, HYPR is a future-proof platform that supports all biometrics across over 2 billion devices.

Eliminate Fraud & Friction

Government and industry have been looking for a more efficient authentication method than the use of passwords. Consumers want an experience that doesn’t require them to remember passwords or to get involved with a company’s support desk.

In a system that uses HYPR_Secure passwordless authentication, a business doesn’t have to issue and manage credentials. Instead, a user’s identity is verified with biometrics such as fingerprint, face, voice, eye or palm recognition.