HYPR Velocity Partner Program

Accelerate the Passwordless Evolution

Velocity brings best-in-class passwordless authentication to a broad range of technology partners, systems integrators, Managed Service Providers, distributors and resellers. Our partners get education, training, and early access to the latest in passwordless innovation.

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The Best Way to Win is Together

Bring your customers the cyber transformation they will remember forever. Whether you’re new to passwordless or a seasoned pro – HYPR Velocity provides you sales enablement training, co-marketing opportunities, and all the tools you need to succeed as a passwordless leader.

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“It’s increasingly clear that passwords must go, which is why our collaboration with HYPR is an exciting one. Together, we can help businesses across the globe reach their journey to passwordless authentication with a joint solution that not only heightens security by eliminating password-based logins, but also accelerates productivity.”

Derek Hanson
VP Solutions Architecture and Alliances, Yubico

“True Passwordless authentication has become essential, as more and more organizations realize the risk and cost associated with passwords, especially during this time with remote working. We are showing up to accelerate passwordless authentication while driving innovation and evolving how businesses protect their networks from the inside-out.”

Larry Pfeifer
Founder of Consortium Networks
Larry Pfeifer Consortium

4 Types of Partnerships

Technology Providers
Build on top of the leading passwordless platform with close technology integrations, early access to features, and technical guidance.
Systems Integrators
Combine professional services with industry expertise to recommend, validate and deploy HYPR at scale.
Distributors & Resellers
Sell, support and deliver superior passwordless solutions to a broad customer base.
Managed Service Providers
Take advantage of cloud-native passwordless security wihtout the burden of configuring and deploying user authentication.

Top Benefits

Differentiate Your Products and Services

Provide the #1 Requested Security Solution

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Make a Lasting Impact on Your Customer Ecosystem

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