HYPR vs Alternatives

There are so many passwordless login methods to choose from. How do they compare? Find out why industry leaders deploy HYPR to eliminate passwords.



Passwordless Multi-factor Authentication

Windows 10 Desktop MFA

Windows 7 Desktop MFA

Shared Workstation / Kiosk Desktop MFA

Roaming User Support

Out of Band Passwordless MFA

Web Login on Dedicated Workstation

Web Login on Shared Workstation

Web Login on Mobile

Unify Multiple IdPs with Passwordless SSO

VPN Passwordless MFA

Stateless VDI Passwordless MFA

Mobile-Initiated Authentication

Remote Lock

Offline Passwordless MFA

Linux Workstation Login

MacOS Passwordless Desktop MFA

MacOS Touch ID Platform Authenticator Support

SDK for Customer-Facing Applications

App-Less Authentication on Mobile

PUSH Attack / Phishing-Resistant Login

PKI Certificate Based Login

End-to-End FIDO-Certified Authentication

FIDO2 PIN Support

FIDO Token Support

BYOD Support

No Specialized/Addtional Hardware Required

Contact-Free Distribution for Remote Workforce

Total Cost of Ownership