Feitian Passwordless

FEITIAN is a leading global provider of cyber security products and solutions including the popular FIDO Security Keys which empowers users with strong multi-factor authentication and aims to reduce dependence on password-based authentication. With HYPR, organizations can rapidly support their passwordless initiatives and provide flexible passwordless MFA methods that address user choice, security, and compliance.


Meet Compliance with MFA Flexibility

Meet MFA requirements and provide high assurance even for users who do not use or have access to smartphones.


Reduce Risks and Costs

Prevent identity breaches, account compromise, phishing, and password reset costs associated with password-based MFA.


Drive End User Adoption

Offer ease of use and flexible authentication methods that range from smartphones, platform authentications, as well as FIDO security keys.


"FEITIAN Technologies is delighted and thrilled to be a part of HYPR's growing technology partners. FEITIAN and HYPR provide secure, reliable, dependable, and trustworthy MFA solution options that fit all individuals and enterprise's changing security requirements and policies."

Gautam Vij
Chief Revenue Officer, FEITIAN Technologies US

Extend Your Investment in Feitian

Implement FEITIAN security keys with HYPR to better address compliance and security policies. HYPR gives you the flexibility you need to execute a comprehensive passwordless strategy across the enterprise whether it’s for single sign-on or desktop MFA.

HYPR’s True Passwordless FEITIAN Integration provides:

Interoperability with FEITIAN FIDO security keys, and built-in platform authenticators such as Windows Hello and Touch ID.

Cross-cloud, cross-platform passwordless MFA for Windows, MacOS, Linux, and VDI workstations.

Full protection against man-in-the-middle (MITM), credential stuffing, phishing, and mobile push-fatigue attacks.

Additional factors for step-up authentication and stronger identity assurance without compromising usability.


Integration Guides

Dive into our documentation on integrating HYPR with FEITIAN today.