Our Mission

We have one mission and that is to create a passwordless world. For us, security isn’t just about keeping the bad guys out. It’s about protecting people in everything they do, wherever they are.

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Our Story

HYPR founders realized passwords will continue to be the hackers’ favorite target unless something is done about it. They saw it as an opportunity to approach security in a brand new way. What if our everyday smartphone can be used to change the security and user experience landscape? That became the launching pad for HYPR.

  • Our team is everything. HYPR is a place where everyone is laser-focused on one mission – solving the password problem.  I could not imagine a more dedicated group of people to share this journey with.

    George Avetisov HYPR Co Founder and CEO
    George Avetisov
    CEO & Co-founder
  • HYPR is the type of company that’s always evolving. We have the freedom to be creative; allowing us to challenge each other, make improvements to our current state, and find solutions the better suit the future.

    Abigail Runner HYPR Head of Sales Operations
    Abigail Runner
    Head of Sales Operations
  • We believe passwords continue to represent a serious risk to enterprises. HYPR addresses a large gap that legacy 2-factor authentication has left unsolved – the password.

    David Zilberman Comcast Ventures HYPR
    David Zilberman
    Managing Director, Comcast Ventures

Who We Are

Our global team comes from software, information security, and digital identity backgrounds to deliver security that’s meant for everyone. United by the common mission to create a passwordless world, we maintain a work ethic that prioritizes our customer’s success and growth.

Our Vision

A vision is only deemed impossible until people figure out how to achieve it. That’s the beauty of technology. Our vision is to create a digital world that is free of worry and fear — where people are safely and happily connected. As we work towards a passwordless future we hope to inspire organizations to accomplish what is perceived as impossible.

Our Values

Everyday is an adventure for us as we embark into unchartered territory. We are always on the lookout for highly focused, self-starting individuals with a natural curiosity. Together, we bring awe and joy into our work, and place extra emphasis on speed, especially for our customers. Join us in our journey to make an impact in the security and tech space.

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Our Investors

HYPR has raised over $37 million in funding from top investors including Comcast, Mastercard, and Samsung. Industry leaders trust HYPR to pave the way for enterprises to achieve passwordless security. More than an investment in passwordless technology, this is an investment in organizations worldwide that seek to use security as a competitive business strategy.

  • Comcast Ventures
  • Master Card
  • Bold Start
  • RRE Ventures
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Our Headquarters

We look forward to welcoming you to our global headquarters located in New York City (some day). HYPR continues to expand across the globe with teams in North America, EMEA, and Asia.


From the Blog

True Passwordless Summit 2020 Recap

Great food, great people, great ideas. The inaugural True Passwordless Summit was a great way to kick off RSA week. It was amazing to see how many companies are focused on passwordless authentication across various industries – from finance to manufacturing, to canned goods and insurance and even fast food. That’s why we’re calling 2020 The Passwordless Decade.

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