A Next-Gen VPN Experience

Your Virtual Private Network and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure allow remote access to the desktop environment. They improve the agility of today’s digital workforce. The problem is that the development of these virtual environments hasn’t been matched with security that protects against corruption at the endpoints created by insecure remote devices.

HYPR decentralized biometric security and FIDO authentication to enable a safe and easy digital experience for thousands of VPN users worldwide.

Bleeding-Edge Security Meets Best-in-Class Usability

Deploying HYPR gives your users the ability to log in with fingerprint, voice, face, eye and palm recognition.

Validate remote user access to applications with biometrics, enabling Identity and Access Management systems to comply with user life cycle, on-boarding, midlife management and off boarding requirements. Join the hundreds of enterprises worldwide who are enhancing user experience and security simultaneously by combining biometric BYOD with our FIDO UAF authentication server.