A Next-Gen Retail Experience

In response to the rising rate of personal data theft, major brands trust HYPR-Secure multi-factor authentication to protect shoppers.

Biometric platforms like Windows Hello and Apple Pay have re-shaped online shopping. From Touch ID to Selfie-Pay and beyond, HYPR’s biometric payments technology secures frictionless checkout experiences for millions of buyers worldwide.

Secure Biometric Checkout

Eliminate Fraud

Credit card fraud and password breaches are killing your bottom line. HYPR biometric tokenization technology eliminates credit card fraud while enhancing the digital shopping experience.

Reduce Cart Abandonment

Mobile cart abandonment rates are over 60% thanks to forgotten passwords, credit cards, and login headaches. HYPR passwordless authentication removes friction & frustration from your checkout process.

Increase Revenue & Loyalty

Faster checkout = happy shoppers = more revenue. We’ll let you do the math.

Pay With a Smile

Did you know HYPR secures selfie pay authentication for millions of users worldwide?

Your customers are becoming more familiar with biometrics as a primary form of authentication. Join the hundreds of retailers already leveraging biometric security to secure their user experiences.