Frictionless Payment Experiences

A growing number of businesses are allowing consumers to use their mobile device to pay at a Point of Sale (POS) – but the need for passwords created a usability problem, and didn’t eliminate the opportunities for fraud.

Companies trust HYPR biometric tokenization to make online payments faster, cheaper, and more secure.

HYPR processes thousands of transactions per minute and easily scales across millions of users. Our biometrics platform provides payment leaders a fast, user-friendly, and cost-efficient way to authenticate buyers while preventing fraud & identity theft.

Fraud-Proof Transactions

Reduce costs by eliminating credit card fraud and password breaches. HYPR empowers secure payments by combining biometrics such as facial recognition with Touch ID for a secure biometric checkout experience.

Faster Payments = More Volume

If your transaction takes longer than the blink of an eye – something’s wrong. With HYPR’s advanced authentication platform you can process process biometric payments in under 0.5s.

Generate New Revenue Streams

Why should Apple Pay have all the fun? When it comes to usability, our passwordless authentication experience is best-in-class. Unlock new revenue opportunities with partners and providers as you monetize the most secure biometric payments experience in the world.

Pay With a Smile. Literally.

Biometric authentication has made new and innovative user experiences possible. HYPR empowers selfie pay authentication and various other use cases for some of the world’s largest brand names.

Your users are already carrying biometric devices. Take advantage of this trend and integrate HYPR into your digital wallets to unleash the power of biometric payments today. HYPR is fully interoperable with any payment platform:

  • Online Checkout
  • Mobile Wallets
  • In-Vehicle Payments