Decentralized Next-Gen Security

Whether its entry control to a building, office, or border crossing, or online access control to a database or a bank account, biometric technologies linked to the particular individual, provide more security, speed, and ease of use than traditional methods like passwords, PIN’s, or “smart” cards. Biometric login can also save companies a lot of money because there are no staffing or IT requirements for last password recovery. HYPR makes biometric login simple for the user and secure for everyone.

Logging in used to be the worst part of any user experience. Not anymore. Empower your users with a fast and frictionless experience by deploying HYPR-Secure biometric login.

Fully Biometric Password-less Experiences

Leverage fingerprint, voice, face, eye or palm recognition. HYPR’s password-less authentication addresses both the UX and security challenges allowing you, the enterprise, to focus on generating revenue.

FIDO-Certified & Cross-Platform

HYPR provides secure FIDO authentication to ensure cross-platform interoperability across Windows, MacOS, OSX, iOS, and Android.

Out of Band Authentication

HYPR_Secure biometric out of band authentication empowers next-gen security all customers, partners, and employee channels with the push of a button.

HYPR Connects Biometric Sensor to Server

Touch ID is a convenient biometric authenticator like Windows Hello or Sense ID. Conventional Touch ID login maintains dependency on a password and a centralized repository of user credentials. If such a server is ever compromised, the relying party potentially risks access to millions of accounts.

The purpose of HYPR biometric tokenization is to secure the use of authenticators such as Touch ID and eliminate the risks of password based authentication. Any desktop or mobile app can integrate HYPR-Secure biometric authentication for a secure password-less experience.