HYPR User Guide

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

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How to Use HYPR with RDP

Passwordless Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) login makes remote access to computers and servers fast and secure. The following instructions are for people who have already paired a device with HYPR and use it for desktop login.

1. Open Remote Desktop Connection

2. Enter your IP address into the Computer field. You may be prompted for your username

3. Click Connect

4. Click on More choices when you’re prompted to enter your credentials

5. Open the HYPR app on your smartphone

6. Tap on your computer’s bubble within the HYPR mobile app to create a passwordless login option on your screen that will appear under More Choices.

7. Click on the newly generated Smart card credential option under More choices

8. Click OK. You do not need to enter a PIN since you’ve already authenticated using HYPR.

That’s it! Credentials are no longer required for RDP login because you’ve gone passwordless.