HYPR User Guide

Getting Started

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What is HYPR?

HYPR is a truly passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution that replaces traditional passwords and password-based MFA with your smartphone. It’s designed for convenience and consistency so you can access your computers, single sign-on, apps, and other resources using a device you already have — your smartphone.

Why is Passwordless Important?

Passwords are hard to remember and they’re insecure. Bad actors such as hackers harvest credentials through breaches and phishing attacks which are then reused on other websites. With HYPR you won’t need to worry about a hacked password because there isn’t one to steal!

How Does HYPR Work?

HYPR provides a modern passwordless MFA experience by harnessing the latest security advances in mobile hardware and encryption. HYPR verifies your identity with additional factors such as your smartphone or fingerprint.

User experience is top of mind for us so we design security to be easier and faster for everyone. All it takes is a simple tap on your mobile app to log into your computer, application, or service.

Not a Smartphone User?

It’s okay! HYPR also provides alternative passwordless login methods such as security keys and built-in authenticators to offer you flexibility.

Ready to Get Started?

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about HYPR. Let’s start pairing!