hypr Passwordless mfa setup guide

Why am I going passwordless?

At some point your company is going to enforce a long complex password policy. That means passwords are going to get longer and more inconvenient to use. On top of that, regulatory and compliance requirements for Multi-factor authentication are going into effect. 

So your IT team had a great idea – to get rid of passwords. Your company wants you to have a faster, easier and simpler user experience that’s more secure. To do this they selected HYPR to enable passwordless multi-factor authentication.

From now on,  you will be able to log into everything with your smart phone.

It’s fast, easy, and more secure than any password. This guide is going to walk through setting up your HYPR mobile app and pairing it with your computer.

How does it work?

HYPR allows you to log into your desktop, mobile and web applications with your mobile device. Your personal data always remains securely stored on your device. With HYPR, you’ll always be protected from phishing, password reuse, and account takeover.

How is my experience going to get better?

1. You’re going to have faster login speeds, saving time wasted on typing in passwords.
2. Say goodbye to phishing – without passwords, you’ll never have to worry about someone stealing your password again.
3. You’ll never have to reset a password again. With HYPR, all you need is your smart phone.

But most importantly, you’ll never have to remember or type in a password again!

How do I get started?

HYPR is really easy to setup. Click here for a step-by-step walkthrough.