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Why am I Going Passwordless?

Thanks to new compliance requirements for multi-factor authentication, your company is planning to enforce a complex password policy. That means your passwords are going to get longer and your login experience will become more inconvenient. Passwords are slow, difficult to use, and most importantly – they’re not safe. So your company had a great idea to get rid of passwords. Your IT team wants you to have a faster, easier and more secure user experience. That’s why they chose HYPR to enable passwordless multi-factor authentication.

From now on,  you will be able to log into your workstations and your web accounts with your smart phone. HYPR is a fast, easy way to log in and is more secure than any complex password. This guide is going to walk through setting up your HYPR mobile app and pairing it with your computer.


What is HYPR?

HYPR is the leading provider of True Passwordless MFA and is trusted by industry leaders such as Comcast, Mastercard and Samsung. With HYPR, businesses are finally able to eliminate passwords for millions of users worldwide. HYPR lets you log into your desktop, mobile and web applications with your mobile device. Your personal data always stays safely stored on your personal device. With HYPR you will always be protected from phishing, password theft, and account takeover.

How is my Experience Going to Get Better?

Your login speeds are going to get faster and you will save time spent on typing in passwords.

Say goodbye to phishing. Without passwords, you’ll never have to worry about someone stealing your password again.

You’ll never have to reset a password again. With HYPR, all you need is your smart phone to log in.

But most importantly, you’ll never have to remember or type in a password again.

Download and Install the HYPR Mobile App on your iPhone or Android Device

The HYPR app makes it easy for you to log into your workstations and web accounts with your smart phone.
Find HYPR on the iOS App Store or in your Google Play Store to install the app.

HYPR Mobile Client Touch ID

Got the App? Great.

Now Let’s Pair the App with your Computer

HYPR lets you log into your computer without entering a password. Follow the steps below to connect your smart phone to your computer. Here is a video of what your setup should look like:

First, Log into your Computer with your Password 

If you are reading this on your smartphone or personal computer, pause setup now. You will need your work computer to proceed.

Once you are at your workstation, please log into your computer with a username and password as you normally would. 

NOTE: If your company requires a VPN – please connect to it now before proceeding. You will not be able to complete setup without your VPN.

HYPR Employee Access Windows 10 Passwordless Login

Double Click the “Employee Access” Icon On Your Desktop

After logging in with your username and password, find the “Employee Access” icon located on your desktop or your taskbar.

Double click the “Employee Access” icon to open the app.

NOTE: You may need to minimize this browser window to see your desktop. 


Click the “Enroll Mobile Device” Button

HYPR Desktop Client FIDO Device Enrollment

Open the HYPR Mobile App and Tap “Scan QR Code”

Employee Access Mobile Client Scan QR

Use Your HYPR Mobile App to Scan the QR Code Located on your Desktop Workforce Access Client

HYPR FIDO Workstation Login Mobile Client Scan QR Code

Log into your Computer with HYPR

We’re going to test your passwordless login to make sure everything is working. To do this, you are going to lock your computer and log in using your smart phone. Remember – you do not have to enter a password. Simply follow the instructions in the mobile app.

Lock your Computer

HYPR Employee Access Windows 10 Passwordless Login

Open your HYPR Mobile App


Tap the Icon and Authenticate to Unlock your Computer

Note: Depending on your company’s security policy, you may need to press CTRL+ALT+DEL on your keyboard.

HYPR Mobile Client Touch ID

Watch your Computer Log in Successfully


How to Login When You’re Offline

Sometimes, you may find yourself offline or in an area without service. Luckily, you don’t need an internet connection to login with HYPR. Follow the steps below to use Offline Mode.

Select “Passwordless User” on your Computer Screen

HYPR Employee Access FIDO Passwordless Windows 10

In your Mobile App, Tap and HOLD the Icon.

Select “Unlock Computer” to See your Offline PIN.


Type the Offline PIN into your Computer. 


You are now Logged in!

Congratulations, You’re All Set.