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What Is Passwordless Authentication?

Passwordless authentication is a method of verifying user identity without requiring the user to enter a password. Instead of using passwords, you can log into your workstation and applications with a mobile device, smart card, or a security token.

What Is HYPR?

HYPR is the leading provider of True Passwordless MFA and is trusted by industry leaders such as Comcast, Mastercard and Samsung. With HYPR, businesses are finally able to eliminate passwords for millions of users worldwide. HYPR lets you log into your desktop, mobile and web applications with your mobile device. Your personal data always stays safely stored on your personal device. With HYPR you will always be protected from phishing, password theft, and account takeover.

Why Is My Company Going Passwordless?

Thanks to new compliance requirements for multi-factor authentication, companies like yours are planning to enforce a complex password policy. That means your passwords are going to get longer and your login experience will become more inconvenient. Passwords are slow, difficult to use, and most importantly – they’re unsafe. So your company had a great idea to get rid of passwords. Your IT team wants you to have a faster, easier and more secure user experience. That’s why they chose HYPR to enable passwordless multi-factor authentication.

How Will My Login Experience Improve?

Your login speeds are going to get faster and you will save time spent on typing in passwords.

Say goodbye to phishing. Without passwords, you’ll never have to worry about someone stealing your password again.

You’ll never have to reset a password again. With HYPR, all you need is your smart phone to log in.

But most importantly, you’ll never have to remember or type in a password again.

How Does It Work?

HYPR solves the password problem at its core, by eliminating passwords altogether. HYPR leverages key proven building blocks:

1. Your smartphone – using its familiar passwordless unlock and login features such as Touch ID and Face ID.

2. The latest cryptography — to prove you are who you say you are.

3. Ongoing research on user journeys — to ensure that access to sites and services is secure but fast and pleasurable.

4. Industry collaboration — so HYPR builds and learns alongside the best and brightest such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung and more concerning foundational technologies, which we in turn pass onto you.

This video explains how HYPR eliminates passwords for the Workforce:

Why Do I Need This?

The single biggest security issue in our digital world concerns the continued use of passwords for login to websites, machines, apps, bank accounts, and so forth. It is a major security issue because passwords are stolen en masse through data breaches you may have been reading about. Perpetrators of these attacks use passwords-based hacking techniques called credential stuffing, brute-force, social engineering, and phishing. Passwords are a remnant of a much older internet and workplace. They are an outdated form of security and all of the tools built on top of them such as requiring hard tokens or clumsy smartphone apps to prop them up do not help. In fact, these layers on top of an old password system are what makes logins and payments slow and frustrating.

What Devices Can I Use?

HYPR is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac and Windows Devices. HYPR also supports the use of 3rd party authentication devices such as Yubikey and Smart Cards.

How Do I Set Up?

Follow the User Guide to get started with HYPR.

What If My Workstation Is Offline?

Sometimes when using HYPR you may tap the workstation icon on your mobile app, and a message will say that your computer is offline. This message appears in instances of intermittent network access. Whether or not the poor connection persists, this is a perfect scenario where using Offline Mode Access provides a quick path to fast and secure passwordless login.

Learn more about Offline Mode in the HYPR User Guide.

What If My Mobile Device Is Offline?

To use Offline Mode from your mobile device, simply tap and hold on the workstation icon you will typically log in with. On the menu prompt that appears, select Unlock Computer and proceed to authenticate. The HYPR mobile application will display a PIN. Use this PIN in the password field of your workstation login to complete the authentication. *If you do not see this option, please complete one online authentication successfully prior to your first use of offline mode.

Learn more about Offline Mode in the HYPR User Guide.


Why Am I Not Receiving PUSH Notifications In The HYPR Mobile App?

For iOS users 
Go to the settings application in your iPhone. Scroll down to the notifications section. Now scroll down until you find the HYPR application. Click on the application and then make sure the “allow notifications” bar is green, which means your phone is allowing notifications from HYPR. If this bar is not green, toggle the slider to “on” and try to authenticate again.

For Android users
Network issues are the main culprit when having trouble receiving PUSH requests. As a first measure, try putting your phone into airplane mode and then back to normal operating mode. As a second attempt, try turning your WiFi connection off and then back on to reestablish your connection. Verify your time and date are correct on your device and those data points are not manually set.

What Happens If I Get a New Phone?

If you have a new phone, you’ll need to pair it with the HYPR desktop application. First, open your HYPR Workforce Access application on your laptop or desktop, found in the applications folder. Others may see the HYPR device manager application in your SSO landing page. The application will ask you to pair a new device. Before selecting the “pair a new device” button, ensure that you have already installed the HYPR mobile application. If you have not, visit the iOS or Google Play store and download the app. Once the application is installed, select the “pair a new device” button. Use your phone to scan the QR code, and the device will be paired. Next, enroll in the biometric authenticator(s) according to the mobile app instructions.

The workforce or device manager application will also present a QR code that needed to be scanned with your phone. In the mobile app, select the “+” button in the upper right corner. This will access your phone’s camera. Simply scan the QR code with your camera. Once scanned successfully, you have completed the HYPR enrollment of your new mobile device. Make sure you also enroll in the biometric authenticator(s) according to the mobile app instructions.

What Happens If I Lose My Phone?

Contact your IT helpdesk team immediately if you lose your phone or suspect that it’s been stolen. They also manage the processes for you to gain temporary access as needed.

What If I’m Having Issues Pairing My Mobile Application?

Refer to the steps in the User Guide to make sure you’re setting up correctly.

If you’re unable to pair your mobile phone, contact your IT Helpdesk or administrator and describe the issue you are experiencing.