We’re excited to announce general availability of the HYPR Biometric Tokenization Platform – our end-to-end solution for next-gen security.

Passwords are futile for securing mission critical systems, as witnessed in the recent OPM hack. Biometric authentication provides enterprises a solution to safeguarding sensitive account access. Yet, people are correct to worry about how and where a person’s unique biometric signature is stored. To help answer that question, we are deploying our Biometric Tokenization SDK to the public for third party integration.

Our biometric authentication SDK helps any size organization to easily implement next-gen identity management in any application. We support all compatible biometric devices like mobile phones and tablets, with built-in support for the many ways biometric sensors can be utilized for authentication: fingerprint scanning, facial or voice recognition, and the like.

The HYPR SDK includes mobile and desktop client libraries as well as server side software, to enable end to end biometric tokenization.

The HYPR platform allows 3rd parties to authenticate their users without ever transmitting biometric data across the Internet. That data is kept securely offline, rather than it being warehoused in a central repository that is a prime target for hackers of wholesale data.

When we started building the HYPR platform, there was one mobile device on the market with a fingerprint reader. Within 5 years, analysts project over a billion biometric-enabled devices will be in Internet users’ hands. We’re ensuring that companies are utilizing those biometric devices the right way, and that user data is kept safe.

The HYPR SDK is currently in deployment across a number of banks, which are implementing biometric security solutions for use cases ranging from internal employee authentication to their consumer-facing mobile apps. Mobile wallets and even Bitcoin platforms are integrating HYPR to prevent payment fraud across their user base. We’ve also been working with IoT developers, healthcare providers and even streaming content platforms to deploy biometric authentication and eliminate account sharing. Whatever your use case may be, the HYPR SDK makes it easy to implement biometric authentication on top of any existing security infrastructure.