Security with a Smile

From biometric payments to vehicle access – we enable enterprises to secure anything with a selfie.

With HYPR-Secure selfie authentication, the user seeking authorization takes a selfie so that their identity can be authenticated through facial data points. These data points are matched against a “reference” selfie kept on file by the authorizer. Our FIDO-Certified solution protects against spoofing by using a passive non-challenge response such as a blink from the user and a series of facial recognition biometrics that ensure liveness and true identity.

Selfie Pay

Authentication thats Fun and Easy to Use

User experience is our priority – which is why HYPR was built from the ground up with future-proof interoperability in mind. The biometric algorithms we leverage are compatible with any front-facing camera on over 1 billion mobile devices. Combine selfie pay with the FIDO authentication server for complete end-to-end security control.