HYPR User Guide

Security Keys

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HYPR supports FIDO2 and U2F security keys to provide people with choice and flexible passwordless login. In order to use security keys your organization must enable it as part of your passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA) protocol.

Pairing Security Keys with Your Computer

Step 1: Launch Workforce Access

On your computer desktop, click on the Workforce Access icon.

You can quickly search via the taskbar or Spotlight for ‘workforce access’ if a shortcut does not appear on your desktop.

Windows Search

Mac Spotlight Search

Step 2: Pair Your Security Key

Once you launch Workforce Access, click on the security key option.

Insert your security into the USB port of your computer if you haven’t already.

Enter the temporary PIN for your security key. If you’re using a brand new security key, tick the box for ‘Try Default PIN’. Then enter your desired 6-8 digit PIN. Click Finish to continue. If your temporary PIN fails, please contact your support for further instructions on how to reset your security key.

You will be greeted with a successful pairing prompt when you’ve completed pairing. Click Finish and close the application. That’s it! Your security key is now paired with your computer.

Step 3: Pair Your Security Key

It’s time to give your security a try. First, lock your computer. Then click on Sign-in options to view more.

Click on the Smart card icon then enter your security key PIN into the field to unlock your computer.

Add or Manage Security Keys

You can add a new device by clicking ‘Pair New Device’. Follow the instructions, as mentioned above, to pair another security key.

You can change your security key PIN by clicking the pencil icon beneath the device to make edits.

Lastly, you can unpair your security key by clicking the Trashcan or Delete icon.

A warning will alert you to confirm if you want to unpair your security key. Please make sure you have an alternative method for logging. Click Yes to complete the unpairing process.

You will be greeted with a Successfully Unpaired screen upon device removal.

Using Security Keys for web apps and Single Sign-On? See our Device Manager guide for specific instructions.

For additional information see our FAQ and Common Issues section.