passwordless customer authentication Trial Setup Guide

Before you read this guide….

Make sure you open this guide on your Desktop or Laptop computer, and have your mobile phone ready.
HYPR Employee Access Windows 10 Passwordless Login

Follow this Guide to Try Passwordless Mobile-to-Web Login.

In order to create passwordless customer-facing experiences, you should have a good idea of how True Passwordless Authentication® feels and how it works. This guide will walk you through setup for a demo site, called Highlands Bank. You will be able to enroll authenticators, register a new user, login without a password, and perform a transaction approval with Step-Up Authentication. Here’s a quick overview of how it works:

Download the HYPR Mobile App

The HYPR app makes it easy for you to log into your workstations and web accounts with your smartphone.
Find HYPR on the iOS App Store or in your Google Play Store to install the app.

Apple Store Google Play

Install and Open HYPR on your phone

HYPR Mobile Client Touch ID

On your Computer, head to

HYPR Employee Access Windows 10 Passwordless Login

Scan the QR Code and Follow the Instructions to Enroll


Enter your Email Address to Test your Passwordless Web Login.


Great. Now, Click “Complete Wire Transfer” to try a Step-Up Authentication.

HYPR allows you to use multiple authenticators for high-risk transactions, such as payments and wire transfers. You will now approve a demo wire transfer with your “step-up” authenticator you enrolled during setup.

Approve the Transaction on your Phone.


Congratulations, you’ve now experienced a full Passwordless Login. 
Now its time to integrate HYPR into your applications.