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A Rootkit is usually a set of software tools that exploits a device to gain root level permissions, which is the highest level permission in a given computer system.

The term rootkit joins of root and kit. It is a working toolbox of malicious software designed to attain illegitimate root permissions on a target’s machine or network.

Rootkits are designed to conceal themselves inside a system’s operating system as well as avoid detection. Rootkits give attackers full control of a compromised computer, and are most notable for carrying on undiscovered until they deliver remote access to, and control of, the target device or system.


“Through a rare technical partnership with the OEM, our MDM gives us tremendous visibility into the devices’ health, including if it’s been compromised by malware or a rootkit. Once we see a device has been rooted, we disconnect it from the network and tell have the employee bring it into our INFRA team.”