Passwords are a Problem

With the cost of breaches going up, passwords are no longer viable for businesses or consumers. Management and support costs are going up as companies spend an increasing amount of their time maintaining passwords, resetting them, and staffing help desks to respond to “lost password” requests. Consumers are required to remember more and more passwords as they increase the number of online accounts they need to access. The number of passwords is harder to remember, and they’re increasingly easier to crack. A “domino effect” is often created when the same password is used across different accounts.

Biometrics are the Solution

Passwordless authentication is an increasingly popular solution to these problems. The problem is that, until now, the biometric user experience has been inferior to the use of simple passwords. HYPR’s biometric tokenization technology addresses both the usability and security challenges. We’ve helped enterprises rollout biometrics across millions of happy customers.

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