HYPR’s solutions provide “out-of-band authentication” (OOBA). OOBA is a process where authentication is required from two different channels or networks. A transaction cannot be completed without the user having access to both networks/channels. An example of an OOBA channel would be a one-time password sent through an SMS message.

For example, a hacker who had gained access to a customer’s login information for an online banking account, would also need access to that client’s wireless network and device to receive the SMS text needed to complete the transaction.

Secure Biometric Login

Replace any password with a fully biometric login experience.

Fully Cross-Channel

Easily plug out-of-band security into any business unit with our OmniChannel authentication platform.

FIDO-Certified & Password-less

Your users will love the passwordless authentication experience. Our FIDO-Certified architecture ensures that HYPR is future-proof and interoperable.

HYPR provides secure multifactor authentication enabling seamless out-of-band login across mobile and desktop platforms. Integrate HYPR now and give user secure access to desktop systems by leveraging mobile devices for voice, face, eye and fingerprint authentication.