Easily Scale FIDO Across Millions of Users

Enterprises trust the HYPR cloud to provide secure FIDO certified authentication to millions of customers and employees each day. Whether deployed on-premise or on the cloud, the HYPR-Secure FIDO authentication server enables you to easily scale biometric tokenization in a flexible manner that fits your enterprise security needs.

HYPR supports:

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • FIDO Authentication Diagram

    Deploy FIDO Behind Your Firewall

    HYPR provides seamless integration of FIDO UAF and FIDO U2F servers on-premise through a scalable, hybrid architecture. Enterprises in highly-regulated sectors such as financial services, healthcare, critical infrastructure, and government can take advantage of easy on-premise deployment of HYPR-Secure FIDO authentication with built-in support for VPN, IAM, OAUTH, SAML, LDAP, RADIUS and many more protocols.