A multi-modal system is one where identity is determined based on the evidence of multiple biometric traits. It can combine biometric elements like face and voice or unrelated characteristics like fingerprint and retina for additional security. A multi-modal approach has proven to be extremely accurate, and, until HYPR, extremely costly. Our biometric authentication solution provides rapid deployment and enrollment, a lower error rate, and smoother user habituation.

Instantly Support any Biometric on Any Device

The HYPR security platform was engineered to keep the storage of multimodal biometrics decentralized and secured against hackers. The power of multi modal biometrics lies in what’s known as step-up authentication.

Without a properly implemented public key infrastructure, biometric sensors are susceptible to various types of attacks by malicious 3rd parties. Ensuring a secure password-less experience requires the combination of multimodal authentication with biometric encryption. Thats why HYPR leverages FIDO certified authentication to empower a consistent and secure password-less experience on any device.