A Next-Gen Authentication Platform

Basic mobile authentication using One Time Passwords (OTP) over SMS provided a basic level of access and security. Unimodal biometrics provided another step forward in the means of authentication. Neither of these improvements have been able to keep up with the growth of the IoT or hacker sophistication.

The HYPR authentication platform is trusted by enterprises worldwide to reimagine account access. HYPR leverages interoperable open standards such as FIDO certified authentication to empower the use of billions of biometric sensors across mobile devices, desktops and laptops.

Provision, Enroll, and Manage Millions of Users

The ability to use a variety of authenticators such as voice, face, eye, fingerprint and palm recognition is a powerful feature for deploying multi-modal user experiences across the enterprise. HYPR bridges the gap between mobile and web to secure a fully cross-platform user experience.

Enterprises can map biometrics to existing business logic without modifying existing infrastructure. Two or more biometric factors can be combined with features like step up authentication to deploy the most appropriate level of security based on the user and the desired level of access.