Having enjoyed working with existing partners SpeechPro and BitGo, we felt it was time open our doors to a wider spectrum of companies. Introducing the HYPR Partner Program – an opportunity for third parties to utilize our biometric security platform to enhance their offering. 

As a partner you can expand business opportunities by joining a growing ecosystem of vendors and customers eliminating passwords worldwide. HYPR engagements are arranged based on category:

  • Biometrics vendors submit technology to our suite and achieve key differentiation against competitors.
  • System Integrators can embed HYPR to help enterprise customers architect and deliver the gold standard in password-less security.
  • Security providers are able to stay relevant in the ever-expanding cyber security landscape by offering biometric tokenization.

Break down the barriers of delivering bleeding edge security to your customers through our fully interoperable biometric security platform. Adopt standards-based specifications such as FIDO UAF and prosper by reducing the costs of deploying next-gen authentication. Become a HYPR Partner today.