Transform the Insurance Experience

Millions of Americans are victims of medical identity theft. Insurance companies are focused on risk. Risk is an increasing concern for any business and individual worried about the increase in database breaches and identity fraud.

Reducing risk often meant increasing security and decreasing usability. Not anymore.

Insurance leaders trust HYPR’s next-gen passwordless authentication to eliminate identity fraud and reduce client concerns about the collection and storage of their personal information.

Biometric Login

Lower Service Costs

Password resets are costing you millions of dollars a year. Eliminate passwords with HYPR – and you’ll wipe out the costs.

Eliminate Insurance Fraud

Identity theft is a growing problem for the insurance industry. Prevent account takeover by enforcing biometric multi-factor security for policy holders.

Enhance Privacy

By leveraging advanced FIDO authentication, your enterprise ensures that customer data is kept safe, decentralized, and secure from hackers.

Empower Your Customers

Eliminating reliance on passwords enables insurance providers to improve data compliance and integrity under HIPAA.

By removing the risk of compromised accounts, insurance cards can no longer be shared, and identities can no longer be assumed. Companies investing in HYPR omnichannel authentication technology are solving these problems and eliminating billing fraud and identity theft across all business units.