HYPR vs Veridium




Close Your Desktop MFA Gap Once and for All

Explore True Passwordless Multi-Factor Authentication

Reduce Customer Account Takeover Fraud by up to 99%

Experience Strong Consumer Authentication

Eliminate Employee Phishing & Password Reuse

Deploy Passwordless Workforce Authentication


Don’t let your workforce fall victim to PUSH attacks. By initiating authentication on the mobile device, HYPR stops PUSH attacks before they can happen.

powered by secure public key cryptography 

Unlike legacy 2FA providers that rely on shared secrets, HYPR replaces the use of passwords and shared secrets with Public-Key cryptography and open standards.

delivering lightning-fast user experiences

Give your users a consistent mobile-to-web login experience and speed up transaction velocity with passwordless transaction approval.

Securing customer and workforce login

Deploy one solution to eliminate passwords across the enterprise – for customers, employees, partners, and contractors.