HYPR vs Legacy MFA

Speed Matters

HYPR is game changing. We shift the economics of cybersecurity and risk in the enterprises’ favor by removing the hackers’ primary target?—passwords. Modernize your security and maintain a competitive edge with improved user experience. It’s time to make credentials-based threats such as Account Takeover Fraud and data breaches a thing of the past.

HYPR mobile app

The HYPR Difference

Transform your Smartphone into a FIDO Token

Leverage the convenience of a smartphone and the security of a smart card.

Patented Mobile-Initiated Authentication

Secure desktops across the enterprise and defend against PUSH attacks. HYPR is the first to develop a mobile-initiated login experience.

Powered by Secure Public-Key Encryption

Evolve from password-based MFA that rely on shared secrets to industry-leading Public Key cryptography and open standards.

Lightning-fast User Experiences

Deliver consistent mobile-to-web login experiences and accelerate transaction velocity with passwordless transaction approval.

Secure Customer and Workforce Login

Address MFA across enterprise applications, systems, and networks with one solution – for both customers and workforce.