We’re pleased to announce our partnership with SpeechPro to integrate their VoiceKey.OnePass multi-modal authentication solution into the HYPR SDK.

SpeechPro is a leading developer of voice biometric and multi-modal authentication solutions with one of the strongest product portfolios when it comes to voice identification, speech recognition, processing and analysis. This partnership enables VoiceKey.OnePass by SpeechPro as a HYPR-Secure authenticator and a recommended component of the HYPR biometric security suite. Upon request, a HYPR-Secure implementation of SpeechPro’s best-in-class bi-modal sensing technology will be delivered to enable a secure FIDO based experience. Our partnership is both commercial and technical as our companies’ innovation and security teams have collaborated to ensure that HYPR functionality with VoiceKey.OnePass is turnkey.

As a platform and device-agnostic supplier of biometric encryption, we strive to give enterprise customers a choice of what biometric sensing mode best suits their users: fingerprint, voice, face, and eye. In turn, SpeechPro customers requiring end-to-end biometric encryption can instantly integrate HYPR as a plug-n-play component.

The addition of SpeechPro VoiceKey.OnePass is just one example of how HYPR-Secure Partnerships are made possible through interoperable standards such as the FIDO Alliance specifications. Our companies’ combined efforts aim to further create an interdependent, opportunity-rich security ecosystem where hardware and software players can partner and deploy easily integrable biometric security solutions.

To learn more about our HYPR-Secure partnerships for Biometrics Vendors, System Integrators, and Security Providers, head to our biometrics partner portal or contact us directly at support@hypr.com.