We’re pleased to announce we have partnered with EyeVerify, to integrate their Eyeprint ID™ technology into the HYPR Biometric Security Suite. EyeVerify is a leader in payment-grade biometric technology, leveraging device cameras to turn any selfie into a key that protects digital lives.

Eyeprint ID uses existing 1+ MP smart device cameras to image and pattern match the visible vein patterns and other unique micro features in and around the eye. Now with the integration of the HYPR biometric encryption engine, Eyeprint ID supports end-to-end FIDO authentication and biometric OTP as a fully interoperable security solution.

As in the case with SpeechPro and their VoiceKey authentication solution, our integration with EyePrintID offers enterprise customers a powerful and unique biometric sensing modality to achieve increased levels of assurance. As a device- and modality-agnostic platform, HYPR supports the best in biometric sensing technologies. The HYPR-EyeVerify agreement provides customers who want industry-leading biometric technology a turn-key solution through our integrated platform.

Our partnership with EyeVerify is another example of how open standards are driving secure biometric authentication to create an opportunity-rich ecosystem where interdependent parties align to serve end user preferences—all while safeguarding identity, lowering risk and preserving privacy.

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