We’re pleased to share with you that HYPR has joined the Fast IDentity Online (FIDO®) Alliance, an industry consortium transforming online authentication with standards-based specifications. FIDO members commit to share technology and collaborate to deliver open specifications for universal authentication methods that are interoperable, more secure and private, and easier to use.

FIDO specifications enable biometric identity verification that protects sensitive user information and eliminates the dependency on inconvenient and insecure password authentication.



HYPR provides our customers with unprecedented, cloud-based security, improved authentication, and a modular, flexible approach that enterprises can comfortably and efficiently work with.  Our biometric security platform enables device-to-cloud security, leveraging biometric sensors and trusted execution zones in mobile devices.  We link the device to the cloud with unparalleled security and convenience.

Through our product we enhance outmoded 2-Factor Authentication products with 3-Factor Authentication for secure enterprise and government deployments.  Our solutions are modular and can be implemented in various ways across the device layer, via BYOD, or through the HYPR developer kit that will ship the beginning of Q3.  Our server-side solution is flexible and available in an on-premise or SaaS model, which provides an extremely flexible protocol for third parties.

The proliferation of the Internet of Things is making biometric authentication a necessity.  Security threats are increasing almost daily as cyber criminals circumvent passwords and two-factor authentication.  New methods are needed, and having agreed-upon standards will ease the transition.  We want to do our part to remove today’s antiquated, fragmented and insecure authentication solutions by providing a framework for billions of mobile devices across the enterprise ecosystem.  Toward that end are pleased to be a member of the Alliance.