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We’re big fans of the FusionAuth identity and authentication platform. FusionAuth’s native integration with HYPR is the easiest way to add True Passwordless™ MFA to any app. Simply activate HYPR to enable secure passwordless single sign-on, mobile and web authentication in seconds. There are no plugins to install, no additional coding, and no extra steps for users.


1. Activate HYPR in seconds with no additional code, cumbersome plugins, or unnecessary friction.
2. Deploy FusionAuth with HYPR on any server, anywhere in the world or run in the FusionAuth Cloud in minutes
3. The combined solution is scalable from 1 to 100 million users or more
4. Flexible integration of HYPR and FusionAuth enables both a hosted login UI and direct API access for native mobile and single page web apps

FusionAuth’s native integration with HYPR provides a zero-friction pathway to instant True Passwordless™ authentication for any app, on any platform, anywhere in the world.

Both HYPR and FusionAuth offer flexible on-prem, cloud and hybrid deployments to provide secure authentication and powerful user management for 1 to 100 million users. Install FusionAuth in minutes and activate HYPR with a few clicks and you’re done—no additional code, configuration tweaking, or plugins required.

Passwordless Single Sign On SAML FIDO Diagram

“After more than 50 years in the IT industry, I’m finally seeing the password come to an end. What HYPR has done for passwordless authentication is nothing short of phenomenal.”

Nicholas Donofrio
EVP of Technology & Innovation, IBM (Ret.)