Empower Next-Gen Security with FIDO UAF

Fast Identity Online (FIDO) authentication provides security standards and methods that go beyond passwords in creating secure identity management. The two major technical specifications under FIDO Authentication are “U2F” — where a token is used alongside a password; and “UAF” — where local authentication using biometrics creates a password-less experience.

HYPR provides a fully interoperable FIDO authentication suite, powering enterprise deployment of biometric security at scale. Integrating HYPR allows you to deploy secure FIDO biometrics across any connected device through the Universal Authentication Framework.

Unleash the Power of FIDO Biometrics

A UAF authentication server enables any application or service to enhance security and usability with FIDO biometrics to deliver a secure password-less experience. The HYPR UAF server also works with a variety of federated identity systems such as OpenID, SAML, and OAuth.

FIDO UAF Authentication