FIDO U2F is Next-Gen Security

The U2F standard extends FIDO authentication by providing a critical layer of security with a physical device that acts as a second factor. This is more reliable than the second factor most of us are used to where an SMS message is sent to your phone.

With this protection, it becomes much more difficult to get at your second factor because the seed key is part of the firmware of the physical device. This means that for somebody to get into your account, they would need to know your password, have your U2F key (which is presumably secured on your person or in a secure location), and even if the attacker is able to fool the computer that a U2F key is plugged (not likely), you still have to physically touch the key to activate it.

FIDO U2F Authentication Server

Easily Deploy U2F with HYPR

Our solution enables secure U2F authentication across the Fortune 500 to prevent social engineering and other attack vectors. HYPR has deployed FIDO U2F security to thousands of users across the enterprise.

By deploying U2F support with HYPR, enterprises are enabling fully interoperable multi-factor authentication for customers and employees. FIDO U2F ensures that there is no way for a remote attacker to gain access to user accounts without a physical device. This results in nearly unbreakable security for your users.

FIDO U2F Server Icon

Enable Biometric U2F with HYPR_Key

At HYPR we believe a biometric security suite should be as innovative as it is interoperable, which is why we engineered the HYPR_Key biometric U2F token.

HYPR_Secure partners may choose to implement biometric tokenization in addition to existing hardware authenticators, or simply opt for a fully password-less security experience.