Secure the Internet of Things with FIDO

The majority of IoT related breaches can be attributed to static credentials. IoT security can be a difficult concept for product leaders and engineers to tackle. How does one secure the various connected devices with pins and passwords, without leaving them susceptible to the same attacks we’ve seen across major credential breaches?

HYPR’s FIDO Certified IoT authentication suite takes an innovative approach to the problem. We combine biometric algorithms, cryptographic firmware, and IoT modules with FIDO security standards to transform smart things into secure things.

FIDO Internet of Things

Add Biometrics to the IoT Experience

As leaders in the biometric IoT ecosystem, we’ve helped industry leaders extend decentralized authentication down to the firmware level.

HYPR provides IoT Software Development Kits (SDK) to enable FIDO-compliant interoperability for a range of devices, applications and servers. Both Android and IOS devices are supported. Removing the password from connected devices removes the risk of credential theft. The HYPR biometrics platform is fully interoperable and supports over 2 Billion biometric devices.