FIDO: 2020 and the Passwordless Decade

In this virtual session streaming live from the True Passwordless Summit, Bojan Simic, FIDO Alliance board member and HYPR CTO, will discuss how the Fast Identity Online (FIDO) open standard for authentication has evolved since its origin in 2013.

We will also review how the standard has changed the way enterprises think about strong authentication for both workforce and customer applications in a way that fundamentally creates a phishing-resistant and user-friendly authentication framework for accessing digital resources.

Finally, we’ll go over how the standard is continuing to change to address modern needs in the IoT and Identity Verification space.

This virtual session is offered live and as a post-session download for those who are unable to attend the True Passwordless Summit, presented by HYPR, on February 22nd, prior to RSAC2020.

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