Deploy Biometrics Overnight

An enterprise security solution can’t be “one size fits all.” A business must accommodate employees, customers, and partners. In today’s competitive environment, companies can’t afford to sacrifice usability for security. HYPR uses industry-leading open standards such as FIDO authentication to improve security across a range of endpoints while customer use is improved.

Our solutions are adaptive and set user access based on user identity and based on the data and applications attempting to be accessed. HYPR takes care of deployment and upgrading. Our adaptive, decentralized biometric solutions allow you, the enterprise, to focus on revenue generation.

Secure Customers & Employees

Your customers and employees are already carrying biometric devices. HYPR enables enterprises to scale biometric authentication across millions of users. Integrate now to deploy a secure password-less experience that supports fingerprint, voice, face, touch, eye, and palm recognition.

Enterprises leverage HYPR to quickly deploy BYOD biometrics worldwide.
• Employee Login
• Remote Access
• Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)