Bluetooth biometric fingerprint sensors allow portable, on-the-spot fingerprint capture that users can transfer to mobile devices like smartphones or tablet PCs. The HYPR-3 biometric token is a Bluetooth-enabled fingerprint sensor designed for maximum levels of assurance. Deploy HYPR-3 and achieve FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliance where BYOD is prohibited.

Fully Customizable

Our biometric authentication signatures are unique in many way. HYPR-3 reflects that level of individuality, allowing enterprises to choose custom color and branding for any device.

Ultra Low-Power Consumption

At an average of six uses per day, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enables over to two years of battery life on replaceable coin battery cells. HYPR-3 is built to last.

Military Grade Security

All HYPR-3 biometric U2F devices are engineered, programmed and assembled in the United States. We ensure maximum security and oversight during the inception process.