Save Millions on Development

With HYPR’s “Biometrics As A Service,” companies no longer have to install and run security applications on their own servers. This eliminates the expenses of hardware acquisition, software installation and maintenance, and support. The solutions are scalable and automatically updated based on the needs of the business.

Your biometric data remains secure through our decentralized biometric security. We also make sure that you can integrate our suite of solutions with your own software through APIs.

FIDO Authentication

Your CISO wants you to implement Fast Identity Online (FIDO)? Don’t know where to start? Our FIDO authentication solution secures millions of biometric identities around the world.


No need to upgrade – with HYPR you can deploy a secure biometric login experience on Windows 7, 8, and 10.


We took Touch ID and made it better. Empower a fully cross-platform experience with the OSX biometrics.


By leveraging an interoperable FIDO server,HYPR connects the Apple devices and iOS biometrics to all operating systems.


With HYPR biometric tokenization, Android security has never been better. Learn more about how we’re taking Android biometrics to the next level.

Blockchain Biometrics

What’s a blockchain without a use case? By combining decentralized architecture with interoperable architecture, HYPR is powering the biometric blockchain ecosystem.