Passwords…they’re either too weak to be secure, or too complicated to remember. Passwords have served as the security gatekeeper for a long time – forcing businesses and their customers to put up with issues of vulnerability and poor user experience.

HYPR brings to life the reality of a post-password society. Our FIDO Certified biometric security solution empowers a next-gen user experience across millions of users.

Replace Passwords with Biometrics

Your users are already carrying biometric sensors capable of fingerprint, voice, face, eye, and palm authentication. These mobile devices have presented a viable opportunity for enterprises to address the password problem. By deploying HYPR, enterprises worldwide are upgrading their applications to a secure password-less authentication experience.

We provide you the flexibility of requiring biometrics in addition to passwords, or replacing passwords entirely with biometric digital signatures.

Eliminate Fraud and Password Reset Costs

Enterprises spend an average of $70 on a password reset. The costs associated with account recovery, customer service, password breaches add up to millions of dollars a year.

HYPR biometric tokenization allows your users to authenticate anytime, anywhere – without the need for a password. From biometric banking to IoT authentication, HYPR is enabling hundreds of companies to migrate away from passwords and revolutionize secure digital experience.