Biometric Passwords

Since the dawn of the internet, mankind has been dealing with the password problem in a simple way. When passwords get hacked, compromised users simply create new passwords. Now what happens when fingerprint templates are stolen? One does not simply create a new fingerprint. Therefore a password-less authentication system that matches a user to a corresponding biometric template doesn’t really solve the “password problem.” So what’s the solution for creating a truly secure biometric password?



With HYPR – There Is No Password

Mobile biometric devices have presented a viable opportunity for a decentralized security protocol that addresses the dynamic biometric password problem. With decentralized biometric tokenization, enterprises worldwide are upgrading their software with a secure password-less authentication experience. Instead of requiring fingerprints on top of passwords, HYPR replaces passwords entirely with biometric digital signatures.

HYPR Biometric Passwords

Biometric tokenization allows end-users device to authenticate to a validation server with strong end-to-end encryption without the need for a password. This system is deployed across millions of users and adoption is growing rapidly, with key players in the world of finance enabling features such as biometric banking to revolutionize the user experience. Get access to the HYPR-Secure suite now and eliminate the use of passwords across your organization forever.

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