Manage Biometrics at Scale with HYPR

Biometric tokenization allows for extremely flexible management of users and their biometric identities. Enterprises don’t have to worry about storage of biometric data while maintaining the flexibility to manage user identities, levels of assurance, and risk profiles. The HYPR Command Center makes this level of control possible.

The HYPR_Command Center is a fully integrated biometric management solution empowering secure registration and administration of fingerprint, face, voice, eye and palm recognition templates. The suite is fully integrated into the HYPR biometrics platform and is included with all customer deployments.

Biometrics Platform

Enroll, Provision, and Manage Biometric Users

Our suite of decentralized biometric authentication solutions allows large enterprise and medium-sized businesses to verify user identity with a next-gen multi-factor experience.

From enrollment to provisioning and registration, HYPR empowers enterprises to manage biometric identities in an easy and secure way. This means that a business doesn’t have to worry about the infrastructure, support, or training issues that an in-house authentication system would require. A HYPR_Secure company can easily deploy secure digital experiences while valuable IT resources are freed up for other mission-critical work.