You can have the best mechanical lock system in the world but it means nothing if the “smart” part of the system is compromised. Many smart locking devices only look to improve convenience. That can mean that physical security is weakened.

HYPR’s Biometric IoT authentication solution can eliminate two of the weak links – a physical key and lock cylinder. You can still have the problem of a data breach, unintended lockouts, and false readings.

FIDO Locks

A FIDO-Ready Lock Solution

Add secure FIDO authentication to any connected lock. Didn’t think that was possible, did you?

Firmware-Level Security

HYPR extends decentralized biometric authentication down to the firmware level to securely transform smart things into biometric things.

No Additional Hardware

Sensors get weathered down and worn out. HYPR allows you to bring your own biometrics to any lock.

HYPR allows wireless communication to strengthen physical security instead of weakening it, with loss of convenience.

Biometric locks have been around for a while – but are just now gaining widespread mainstream adoption. The HYPR-2 biometric IoT security suite seamlessly integrates into consumer and enterprise-facing physical access systems, transforming any mobile device into a secure virtual key.